Some of the Common Myths about Computer Science Engineering
Some of the Common Myths about Computer Science Engineering
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Decades back, only civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering were considered the only reliable streams. With the constant influence of Silicon Valley, the engineering aspirant started choosing computer science engineering in the early 70s. IBM started rolling out mainframe computers for big and small companies. The establishments started providing important modules like accessibility and user interface. Nowadays, the B Tech computer science course has become an important course for the student who wants to excel in their computer science careers.

With the increase in computer science and social media, information of every kind of being spread without any verification. Legends still say that undertaker had seven lives, people believe in Illuminati, and so on. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common myths that are creating a misconception among the common people. Some of these myths are really funny, but they need to be busted.

Computer Science Engineering Teaches about Repairing of Computers

Definitely funny! Even computer science professionals who have years of experience require IT and network support. It might be possible that engineers are inquisitive and they do not want to compromise their time by calling technicians and can fix their machines on their own. But, the course is not at all about computer hardware. Engineers are trained to tackle software, and its bugs and develop new technology that can help people. So, next time you call your software engineer friend to fix your RAM, be ready for the consequences.

Programming is a Natural Talent

Don’t know about the genetics of the next hundred years, but till now, no one is a born engineer. The person might have analytical and rational skills, but terming these skills as engineering skills is an understatement of the talent of an individual. To complete the PHD in computer science eligibility you need to be creative, result-oriented, a problem solver, and a great thinker, but if you think that someone is born with the natural talent of programming, you are wrong. Programming is something that you learn over a period of time and you get better with a lot of practice. It is a skill that is going to take a lot of time, all you have to be is patient and calm.

The syntax is a Herculean Task

At the initial stages when students are learning the B Tech computer science course this myth is commonly prevalent. These kinds of myths simply discourage the student to learn new programming languages. The beauty of programming lies in algorithms and designing solutions for complex problems. You can learn the syntax part with time.

For Programming, Maths is Important

We are not discrediting the contribution of maths in engineering. To carve out a professional who is rational and reasonable, mathematics plays an important role. Maths is required at places for the Ph.D. in computer science eligibility but you don’t have to be a genius at it. If you are able to develop critical thinking, and logical reasoning without being an ace in maths and your solutions are provable and practical enough, you are on the right path to becoming a good engineer.

Learning Multiple Programming Languages Makes a Good Programmer

Programming languages are not about grabbing all the things together and working on them. It is all about getting proficient in one or two languages and working for the betterment. Your prospective employer won’t be impressed with the multiple pages of your CV; he will be impressed with your proficiency in the language he requires. For the rest, he can hire other experts.



If you are planning to pursue Computer science engineering in Dehradun then always ensure that you focus on all the above-mentioned myths that we have busted in this article.