Linking words for assignment writing
Linking words for assignment writing
Linking words for assignment writing

Definition of linking words

That words that help to connect two words or make another sentence are called linking words. It produces ideas too.

Why anyone should learn linking words-

This is a question asked by the English learner. If you don't know how to connect ideas in a piece of writing with suitable linking words. Do you know about instance linking words terms? I could not include them all because there are so many, but I try to highlight it below___

A. Using Words to Contrast

Function: To demonstrate how things differ




Even so

Whereas etc.

B. Using linking words to comparison

Function: To show how to compare things




In the same way

just as

C. Linking Words- Result

Function: In this scenario, we only talk about the outcome


As a result


Due to

D. Linking Words- Reason

Function to provide justifications for what has been done

Because of

For the purpose of

Given that

Granted that

In fact

In order to

E. List of linking words for order and sequence

Well, flow is the mandatory point for an essay. Here is the shortlist that helps by demonstrating an argument list in the assignment.

Read Following




In the first place

In the end

Once upon a time

Following this

How to place Linking Words

Utilizing linking words effectively in the essay is not too difficult if you know basic concepts on it. Need one thing is that concentration while writing or understanding. There is three-state, where you should give the position.

The first is, at the starting point of the sentence. The next place is the middle of the sentence and the last place is the conclusion. Hence you can utilize the transition words toward the finish of the assignment. Or while writing, learn grammatical guidelines it helps you place suitable connecting words.  


The above information on linking words in this short blog is really helpful to give you a new direction to your work and make it impressive. It help you to boost your self-confidence with a positive mindset. If you need assignment writing then simply call us and order essays anytime or anywhere. Because we have a team of 10 years plus academic writers.

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