How to Collect Grass Clippings After Mowing?
How to Collect Grass Clippings After Mowing?
We are going to discuss several ways on how to collect grass clippings after mowing. Stay with us till the end to have a clear and effective idea about collecting grass clippings

How to Collect Grass Clippings After Mowing?

As a lawn owner you must have to mow your lawn several times according to the growth rate of your grass. The one third cutting means cut the one third of the grasses considered as the ideal process.

So, what you do after you finish mowing your lawn? Do you leave them as they are of collect them?

If you collect then, what steps and material you use for collecting? If you are struggling in between then let us help you out.

We are going to discuss several ways on how to collect grass clippings after mowing. Stay with us till the end to have a clear and effective idea about collecting grass clippings.

Grass clippings are actually cut grasses that you get as a result of mowing your lawn. They can be collected in a grass catcher attached to your mower. Grass clippings are usually short tiny pieces because you can mow one-third height off your grass unless the soil surface may get damaged.

If you fail to mow your lawn in time then your clippings can be longer and it’s obviously not a good thing. Returning the grass clippings to the lawn is the best idea for the future betterment. This is the eco-friendly process but still there are numerous uses you can do with the grass clippings.

It is a matter of dispute that what you should do with the grass clippings after mowing the lawn. Should you collect them and put aside or left them as they are in your lawn?

It actually depends on the land owner’s choice whether they like nice and tidy one or a little dirty but healthy one. Let’s find out what shuts best.

The necessary nutrients like potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous can be found in bulk in the grass clippings just after your mowing the lawn. Certain level of moisture and minerals are stored by the clippings if they are used as mulch.

The clippings are also considered as the microorganism’s good foods that are very beneficial for your lawn soil surface.

In case the thatch layers become less thick like less than ½ inch then your lawn will suffer from moisture lacking and other nutrients. Use a vertical mower to remove the thatch and bring the clippings in contact with soil to decompose. You can even use a rake to perform this job.

To maintain a healthy and green lawn you need to maintain a regular look up like cut the grass blades when they reach a 3 inch height.

The mowers cut only one third of the grasses and thus you may need to do mowing several times in a week. In growing season collecting clippings are good but in summer it’s better to leave as they are.  

If there are enough tall grasses or any kinds of grub worms attacked your lawn then it’s wise to collect all the clippings in a bag or recycle them. In addition if the lawn is wet enough or its rainy season, remove the grass clippings from your lawn.

Grass clippings are one of the best sources for nutrients factors for the soil surface of your lawn. The grass clipping helps to keep the water in dry season and supply the lawn with all necessary potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous. The grass clippings can also be used as mulching beds.

The clippings can be used as natural fertilizer and it will also save your money as you don’t need to buy chemical fertilizers for your lawn. The rich nitrogen formula gives the plants healthy and strong roots.

The clippings can maintain the green factor by supplying slow release fertilizers that are well balanced and highly advantageous.

Though leaving grass clippings is the best possible decision for your lawn but sometimes you have to remove the clippings due to some inconveniences. The two primary reasons why you should collect grass clippings: 

If you find out that your lawn grasses are growing super fast then it is wise to collect all the grass clippings after every mowing. If you left the clippings in the lawn it will be a hinder for your next mowing.

They will decompose and the blades will unable to cut them as expected. They will stick around the grass roots and create a mat. Just rake them before it’s too late.

If your lawn is infected with any kinds of plant disease then it may become worse through the grass clippings. Another major problem or lawn is grub attack.

You not just have to collect all the clippings after every mowing; in few cases lawn needs to be till with tiller. Thus grubs can be controlled easily.

For the record lets imagine you own a lawn that have mowed recently and now the clippings are a serious concern. What you will do? Will you leave them as they are or you will collect them for different reason?

If you made up your mind to collect them then there are several ways of collecting them in a distinguish manner.

Though it is known to all that grass clippings are highly nutritious for lawns but sometimes you have to skip good things for better ones. Fast grass growth and infected laws should not leave with grass clippings. So find out what is the best way to pick up grass clippings in this article below. 

There are many models of mower available that can do 2 things at the same time; cutting and bagging. So lawn mowers with this ability can cut in 3 in 1 formula that means one third of the grasses will be mowed.

They can mulch the lawn bed and can bag up the remaining clippings with one movement. As they serve many fractures a time obviously you have to spend some extra for that. In terms of the works it does the costs are worth paying.

Another easy and widely used method of collecting grass clippings are using rakes. There are hundreds of models available that are specially designed for collecting clippings. If your lawn is a bit rocky or newly sewed then using rakes is the best idea to collect the clippings.

You have to work hard for this process but to save your lawn from damage you should follow this process. It will also help you to keep fit as they are very good exercise for arms and shoulder joints.

The most handy and budget friendly option to remove the grass clippings from your lawn is using a lawn sweeper. They are the cheapest tools that can be used for a good cause.

If you are looking for something that will saves your time a bit then obviously the first name will be taken by the lawn sweepers. To get the best use buy a good sweeper and have an extra knot on the handle before using it. You can find this useful tool anywhere as they are very common.

Growing faster or having excessive grass clippings is not good for many lawns. We have researched on this and find out some useful ways on how to prevent excessive grass clippings from your lawn.

Having a height of grass more than 3 inches can be found in suburban area in America and they may looks pretty but not functional. Such tall grasses are good for horse fields not for lawn areas. For house lawns the best heights are less than 3 inches.  

Most lawn owners do one common mistake that they mow the lawn in a specific time frame no matter how slowly or quickly the grass is growing. They have to focus on the grass growth rate.

If they are growing rapidly like spring and fall season they should be mowed more frequently. On contrary in summer the mowing should be decreased by number as the grasses grow very slowly on that time.

Keep in mind that wet lawns are very bad for the mower as they cannot cut the grasses smoothly. So just after rain or early in the morning it is wise not mow then. You should wait until the grasses are dried completely.

Using better mulch for your mower of finding a mower with sharp mulch is also a brilliant idea of cutting grasses easily. Make sure to use strong and sharp mulch for preventing the grass clippings from excessive growth.

The decision of collecting grass clippings or leaving them in the lawn is much more important than the tiresome whole process. To prevent thatch or diseases you should collect the clippings on contrary to hydrate and provide nutrition leave the clippings as they are. The choice is yours that what you will do to keep your lawn best as you want it to be.