AWS in the New-Age Learning: the Rise in Demand
AWS in the New-Age Learning: the Rise in Demand
Learning AWS cloud technology could be a wise choice for your career due to high demands in all over the world. There are wide range of AWS certifications from fundamental level to professional level. Read this article to decide which one is best for you.

The world has faced something really unexpected - The Total Lockdown.

It locked everyone in the rooms of their houses but opened the doors to enter the world of technology. The schools came online, works compacted to Desktops, entertainment submerged in PC and mobiles.

Above all, the approach to learning new things became easy. People came across with new ideas. And also got to know the importance of some pre-existing things, especially related to IT sectors. For instance, AWS and AWS certifications.

So, let’s talk about it, What and Why AWS is grabbing people’s attention.

Know the AWS:

 No matter if you are a web-series person or not, but you must have heard about Netflix. This well-known brand in the entertainment industry has won the hearts of a lot of people. But, have you ever wondered, how the website manages to store so much data that you can access all its videos whenever you want and wherever you want?

The answer is AWS cloud services. Till this date, well-known companies like Netflix, BBC, Facebook, and a lot more companies rely on AWS for their cloud storage and other cloud services. And gradually reached the position of the world’s best cloud service provider beating all its competitions.

AWS refers to Amazon Web Services that provides cloud computing platforms and APIs to different organizations. For instance, they provide their services to individuals, governments, enterprises, entertainment industries, and more. 

Their services include cloud storage, security, manages serves, checks on traffic and all updates, etc.

Basically, AWS helps startups and big companies to refrain from the mess of managing the servers and security authentications.

Now, you must be wondering, how this AWS is good for a learner. Let’s shed some light on it in the further section. 

AWS as an opportunity to establish your career:

As it is clear why the companies and individuals look for AWS platforms, but its handling is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, it becomes important for the companies to hire professionals to deal with the configurations, deploying, operating the AWS systems, and other technical management.

As a result, it opens a number of opportunities in the IT sector. That is to say, there are designations that are counted in some of the highly paid jobs in the world which are related to AWS operations. You can find different positions in a company, starting as a fresher to end up as a high-qualified professional.

Job roles like:

●       AWS Solutions Architect

●       AWS Engineer

●       DevOps Engineer

●       Cloud Architect

And man more other profiles which make your career shine. 

Adding to this, now the question comes, how can you start in this field. Continue to know about it.

AWS Certifications and Training :

 About the AWS Certification:-

AWS jobs seem fascinating surely, but it is important to know the path to reach there., the parent company of AWS, offers few certifications of different levels in which you can qualify and get the respective jobs.

The certification occurs in the following 3 stages:

1.       Fundamental level: the basic and similar to introduction to cloud operations.

2.       Associate level: this level requires 1 year of hands-on experience. You can consider it as the 2nd level of cloud computing and API of AWS.

3.       Professional level: this requires 2 to 3 years of experience in the respective field. This the expertise level, achieving this will title you with the expert of the respective AWS domain.

These are the levels, one can start with the fundamental level, and join as Cloud Practitioner.

Moreover, there are several domains, in simple words, different fields in AWS that choose from according to your interest and understanding. Such domains include Architect, Operations, and Developers.

 About the AWS training:-

These AWS certifications are not that easy to crack and add to your resume. Hence, to qualify for these, you need to get well-trained and attain hands-on training before appearing in the actual tests.

In fact, getting this training, sometimes, proves itself sufficient to get a well-paid job. There are several institutes, both online and offline that provide training for a better understanding of AWS certification courses.

Though these AWS certifications are worldwide and training is available all around. But, if precisely talking about India, you can get it in several metro cities and other cities of the nation. To clarify, you can get good quality AWS training in Delhi and other similar cities.

Explore AWS training for a better start:

In this world of technology and innovations, it is important to groom and polish oneself from time to time. Hence, enrolling in the game of AWS certification could become a wise choice for your career. To make yourself stand out in the bunch of resumes, it would be a great initiative to add such certification and learn new technology.

Almost every metropolitan city has few training institutes which can provide you an environment for hands-on experience and gaining practical knowledge.

There are institutes that provide onsite and offsite AWS training in DelhiBangalore, and other cities. At last, it is important for you to reach them and start working on your skills to raise your value.