Satta Matka | Kalyan Bazar | Matka Bazar | Kalyan Matka Result
Satta Matka | Kalyan Bazar | Matka Bazar | Kalyan Matka Result
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Satta Matka | Kalyan Bazar | Matka Bazar | Kalyan Matka Result

Satta Matka is one of the popular lottery game which was mainly used to play by the people of Gujarat and Maharashtra. But now its popularity has influenced almost all states of India. Its demand is getting increased day by day. It is known as Kalyan satta matka because of the place named kalyan in Mumbai.

People like to play Kalyan matka online as it gives them 9 rupees for every 1 rupees they bet on. Since this can get them big amount of money in less time which can not be achieved by doing any other work.

Yes, you need to be familiar with terminologies if you want to get thorough with this game, as these terminologies will be used frequently.

1. Single or single digit – Matka has ten digits from 0 to 9 that is involved in betting and known as single digit.
2. Jodi or pair – They are of two types, half red and full red respectively. It can be any two digit number from 00 to 99.
3. Panna – Also called as pattiand it is a result of 3 digits number.

These are three types of panna or patti :-
(a) – S P – It stands for single panna that means only single types of digits will be used. No digit will be repeated in panna. For example 123, here all digits are different none of the digit is repeated.
(b)- D P – It stands for double panna. Here two digits of panna would be same, example 233.
(c.) – T P – It stands for triple panna. Here all three digits would be same like 222.

Since one single digits has ten cards so for ten digits there are total 220 cards.

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