What is dental aesthetics and why is it done?
What is dental aesthetics and why is it done?
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What is dental aesthetics and why is it done?

Dental aesthetics is a branch of dentistry that deals with problems related to oral harmony, setting the goal of achieving the perfect smile. It is the treatment that is applied to people who present asymmetries in the oral cavity.

Why is it done?

Aesthetic dental treatment is performed to achieve a perfect smile. This is applied when there are problems such as dental asymmetry, the separation between the anterior teeth, discoloration, caries in the closest part of the gum, or tooth fractures.

What does it consist of?

Dental aesthetics consists of a series of treatments, oriented to each problem that non-harmonious mouths present. Among them we find:

- Dental whitening, is aimed at achieving a homogeneous color of the enamel, as well as a whiter shade.
Laser Dentistry treats a number of different dental conditions.
- Another is orthodontic treatment, which aims to correct alterations in the bite and align the teeth.
Dental veneers are also included in dental aesthetics, as they allow color and shape alterations to be corrected in a quick process.
- Finally, 
dental implants are also a dental aesthetic treatment. These are aimed at replacing missing teeth and filling those gaps that have been left in the mouth for different reasons.

Preparation for dental aesthetics:

Before the intervention, it is important that the patient undergoes a dental cleaning to remove the tartar that may have accumulated and to ensure a better result. The patient will also be instructed to avoid tobacco and to moderate the consumption of coffee or drinks and foods that can stain the teeth.

Care after the intervention:

To maintain the result of the intervention, it is very important that the patient maintains correct oral hygiene. This hygiene is based on a good tooth brushing technique and the use of dental floss, performed after each meal.

On the other hand, regular check-ups with the dentist and oral cleaning will also be necessary to guarantee the expected result. The patient must avoid tobacco and not abuse drinks such as coffee, tea, infusions, wine, and soft drinks. In reference to food, sauces such as ketchup and mustard should be avoided. We must also give importance to the bite, as well as avoid bruxism.

So, dental aesthetics are one of the procedures to enhance the overall appearance of the teeth and that can be helpful to keep the teeth well aligned, beautify their color, and improve their structure.