Diksha Teknologi Feedback
Diksha Teknologi Feedback
Diksha Technologies is one of the fastest growing IT infrastructure and software product solutions companies in India and UK. We're a team of highly skilled and competent consultants and technical architects focused on delivering large IT transformation projects. We help our customers improve their business performance by leveraging the power of technology.

An Honest Diksha Teknologi Feedback - Software/IT Solutions Providers

We are a food delivery service providing a website. We started 2 years ago and it has been a success so far. Hence, we wanted to boost the quality of services we offer to our customers.


We Were certain about adding a chatbot function to our website to ensure every customer gets an instant reply to the queries 24*7.


Our IT team was busy handling and maintaining the website and making it ready for more features. We had no one left to build a quality and efficient chatbot and integrate it with the website.


We started looking for an IT solution provider. We are based out of Bangalore and hence we wanted a company which operates from the same city. Due to lockdown we were not able to have a face to face meeting but we wanted an assurance that the company is local.


And when we came across Diksha technology Reviews online we knew this is the company we wanted to work with.


Diksha technology Testimonials were encouraging and clients were talking positively about their artificial intelligence services.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are an important part of digital transformation. And we wanted someone who knows how to leverage advanced technologies to benefit food delivery platforms like ours.


After coming across Diksha technology Indonesia reviews we knew the company is expanding and is trusted in the market. We wasted no time and connected with them via virtual meeting.


We conducted many such meetings throughout the span of 15 days before making actual transactions.


We asked them many questions, presented our views and objectives, showed them what we expect to do by installing a charboat and how we expect it to affect our client interactions.


The Diksha team listened to each of our queries thoroughly and came up with a solution that met our exact expectations.


Installing a chatbot revolutionized our website. We could streamline our customer support while reducing operational costs of running a full-fledged call center. We are now able to resolve customer queries and issues faster and better.


We do not have any Diksha technology Complaints. The team not only delivers the best IT services but also maintains transparency throughout the product development and delivery cycle.


The team also understands the budget factor and tries to come up with a solution that gives the best possible results in the given budget.


If you are looking for IT solutions to boost your business operations or to offer extended and refined customer support, Diksha technology can be your option. They are experts in their area of services and clearly understand client  needs better than others.


We liked it personally and we hope our association stands the test of time. To know more visit our website.