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Pentaho Consulting: Helical IT Solutions is a complete end to end Pentaho Consulting Services company. Owing to our strong Pentaho consulting expertise we have been Pentaho partner for 5+ years now.

Pentaho Consulting - Pentaho Consulting Services - Pentaho Consultants

Pentaho Consulting

Pentaho Consulting Services

Pentaho Consulting Expertise

Helical offers certified Pentaho consultants and developers. At Helical we boasts of more than 20+ enterprise-level implementations on top of Pentaho BI which includes small implementations to implementations for various Fortune 500 companies as well as Governments as well like University of Bridgeport, CA Technologies, Tata Communication, Technip, Government of Marshall Island, Governent of Micronesia, Government of Kiribati Islands etc. Owing to our strong Pentaho consulting expertise we have been Pentaho partner for 5+ years now.

Our past implementations span sectors such as Social Media, Energy, Healthcare, IT, Telecom, etc., and across geographies too. Reach out to us to see a full-fledged demo of our capabilities on top of Jaspersoft, get client references and testimonials, etc.

Our Pentaho consulting and implementation includes

Helical provides end to end consulting and development on Pentaho which includes all the components, versions (community, enterprise) etc at a very cost affective rates.

·       Pentaho Report (PRPT) Developers

·       Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) consulting and development services

·       Pentaho Plugins Implementation (like Ctools suite CDE CDF CCC, Saiku analytics etc)

·       Embedding Pentaho within your webapplication

·       Implementing of Single Sign On on Pentaho within your product

·       Implementing of High Avalaibility and Load Balancing

·       Pentaho Schema Workbench (PSW) and OLAP Expertise

·       Implementing High Availability and Load Balancing on Pentaho BI, PDI Kettle ETL as well as Data Warehouse level

·       Custom plugin development using coding on top of Pentaho, etc.

Why Pentaho Business Intelligence

Pentaho is a solid Java based BI software allowing organizations to extreact meaninful insights from their data.

·       Canned report: Pentaho Report Designer (PRPT) module allows to create pixel perfect canned reports like invoices, salary slips, tickets etc which are especially useful for transactional applications.

·       Adhoc designer and Dashboard designer:  A simple interactive module allows even non technical people to drag drop and create their own reports and dashboards.

·       Visualizations: Pentaho provides a lot of good looking visualizations which can be used within the dashboards.

·       Community Support: Pentaho boasts of a lot of plugins (like Ctools, Saiku etc) which has been developed by the community of developers which can also be used for free which provides a lot of additional capabilities into the product.

·       ETL Capabilities: With Pentaho Data Integration (PDI – kettle) module Pentaho also allows end users to do data modeling, data cleansing, data integration and other data related activities before pushing it to the data warehouse for further consumption at BI level.

·       Weka Module: Pentaho is also having Weka module for fulfilling data mining and data analytics requirement of end customers.

·       Embedded Analytics: Pentaho allows end users to experience seamless embedded analytics with support of SSO as well as various embedding options which includes iFrame, webservices etc.

Assisting Customers Across Diverse Initiatives

Migrate to Pentaho

White Labeling Pentaho Server UI

Localization - Internationalization with Pentaho

Community Plugins and Ctools Services on Pentaho

Data Modeling for Pentaho Implementation

Data Warehousing for Pentaho Implementation

Pentaho PDI and Kettle ETL Services

Pentaho with Big Data

Pentaho Schema Workbench

Pentaho Dynamic Schema Processor

SSO Implementation with Pentaho

Embedding Pentaho

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