Travel Process Outsourcing
Travel Process Outsourcing
Now, optimize your core work and strategy planning by outsourcing your back office services to the leading travel process outsourcing company. HashStudioz Technologies is a world-renowned Travel process Services Outsourcing Company committed to delivering exceptional products and services to its customers.

Travel process outsourcing

Now, optimize your core work and strategy planning by outsourcing your back office services to the leading travel process outsourcing company.

Travel Process Outsourcing Services For Travel Agencies

Travel and tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and contributes to a major % of ecommerce business. It contributes generously to the world economy and has contributed 4.7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 alone.

As the global demand for travel and tourism services grows, the industry must keep up with customer expectations in a virtually connected era. To tackle this, travel agencies are figuring out new ways to create new business models in order to balance costs while improving customer satisfaction. Travel Process Outsourcing Services is one of the pillars that help businesses to improve work efficiency, deliver high customer satisfaction ratings and retention, and assure timely delivery of services.

Outsourcing Travel Operations allows travel agencies to shift their focus from run-time tasks to core objectives of the business. Thus, allowing them to generate more revenue streams and opportunities, resulting in better productivity and growth. Furthermore, travel & Tourism Industry Outsourcing also efficiently tackles the cutthroat competition that has constantly been building up in the travel industry as it lowers down the cost of support and operations.

Keeping these merits in mind, Travel and leisure companies are increasingly outsourcing their operations, including travel process outsourcing. And, when it comes to the Travel Process Outsourcing Company, HashStudioz stands on the top pedestal.

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for tourism industry outsourcing services and possess an in-depth knowledge of travel and business process outsourcing. HashStudioz is a world-renowned Travel Process Outsourcing Services company committed to delivering exceptional products and services to its customers.

Travel Process Outsourcing Services HashStudioz Offer

We cover a wide array of outsourcing travel management services and assure better and more productive multi-channel marketing, customer communications, and satisfaction. Here are some of the many TPO services that we offer to our clients.

Reservations and bookings

Outsourced booking agents are there to help the customers to book tickets, flights, cars, buses, cruises, and hotels through GDS/ticketing Platforms. It also provides a 24X7 booking service to guarantee consistency and convenience and informs customers verifying rules and regulations for tickets regarding the cancellation, modification, and more.

Data entry

We have a dedicated team of data entry clerks strictly monitored to ensure quality and performance. Our data entry services include transcribers, typists, basic excel entry-makers, and coders to handle all of your data-entry-related needs.

Inbound and outbound sales

We also offer inbound and outbound sales processes by cold calling potential customers and resolving complaint tickets. This feature directly promotes the sales and revenue of the business and also assures customer satisfaction.

Finance management

Business outsourcing in travel allows you to effectively Investigate failed transactions, perform automated invoice processing, and manage supplier email queries & complaints without hampering the core workflow of the business. Plus, it also helps in processing refunds, claims, and compensation for lost baggage quickly at any time.

Travel coordinators and itinerary planners

With the current growth in travel industry and bookings, Do you need some extra hands in your back office team to handle additional load i.e. attending calls, replying to emails, checking fares, cancellations and refunds etc.? Do you need temporary team to assist for a shorter duration? We understand every customer of yours is looking for a wonderful support and service experience and we can help you deliver it. Our team specialised in Travel Processes, is available to support in global time zones.


We also facilitate a team of committed and passionate help desk operators responsible for managing before, during, and after travel-related inquiries for Leisure or Business customers. They provide quick, reliable, and precise information to customers while ensuring call resolution on time and conducting a professional yet effective quality-communication process. Helpdesk services are provided to customers through phone, emails, SMS, social media, and dedicated apps. The agent can use these sources to converse and log all interactions through a provided CRM tool or Excel.

Why Travel Outsource with HashStudioz Technologies

HashStudioz Technologies has been a pioneering name for travel technologies and outsourcing travel management. We possess a deep understanding of the travel & tourism industry and help travel agencies to optimize operations and simplify tasks.