5 things NOT to do when styling leather jacket for women
5 things NOT to do when styling leather jacket for women
There are hundreds of guides available out on the internet telling the world about how to style a female leather jacket. But why does no one talk about how “not” to style them? I mean we have seen some way too many models wearing black leather jackets ugly-ly.

There is a lot you can do with a leather jacket but wearing them in the wrong way is just not… right. You have one staple piece available in your wardrobe there is no way you should be wearing it in absurd way. I mean c’mon it’s a leather jacket we are taking about there are hundreds of ways you can style them.

We all know leather jackets are a classic timeless jacket for both men and women of all ages. However, women often make the mistake of styling them wrong despite having various options to style them. Yeah, we get it some people are just not good at styling. But no worries this where we come. We can help you out with that. We know you love showing off your jacket but please showing them off in the wrong would just take its all essence away. You want some tips about what NOT to do? Girls we are here for that!

Things NOT to do with your Leather Jacket

1)      Black and Browns do not go together

Please do not make the mistake of mixing the blacks and browns, that is just the worst you would do with your leather jacket. If you are wearing a black leather jacket for women, and want to style it with some dark colors, wear a black t-shirt under it with light or sky-blue bottoms. Trust me it is just the best combination that never goes old. Brown and black both are solid colors and together they clash and make you look pretty weird, so avoid it.

Similarly, when you are wearing brown leather jacket do not make the mistake of pairing it up with black bottoms. If you wish to wear the brown jacket, make sure you are wearing them with the khaki pants, and trust me you would just steal the look.

2)      Leather jackets in summers

Okay we know you love your leather jacket a little too much, we all do but please do not make the mistake of wearing them in summer. Trust me jackets do not belong to summer; you have to wear something that is light and easy to carry. If you like wearing jackets, we have a fix for you, you can always get some light summery jackets for yourself but please spare leather jackets in summer.

They are a blessing for your cold winter nights when you are shivering from the snow and all kinds of cold. It is meant to keep you warm, and comfortable in style. Of course, we do not mean you should let go of your style, never.  Some people effortlessly carry their leather jackets even in summer, if you want, just get the simpler and thinner ones. The heavy ones would take your whole look down. Get the lightweight jackets for the summer and you will be all set!

3)      Get the right size

We get it, leather jackets for women are quite heavy on the pocket and you need to spend all your hard-earned or saved money on it. But getting them in the bigger size so that it lasts you for years is such an awkward concept. If you are a grown-up woman there is hardly any chance of you changing your body, I mean you obviously still can but not a drastic change. Get the right size of your jacket, not the ones that are too fitted and not the ones that are too loose.

Some outfits look pretty cool when they are oversized, such as sweatshirts or even sweaters. But when we talk about leather jackets, they look good when they fit you perfectly. When you are shopping from Real Leather Garments you can put in your size requirements and you will get the exact one that will fit you the best.

4)      No extra accessories

Leather jackets look super cool and, on some people, pretty hot when they are worn with less accessories. We would say a leather jacket alone is enough to steal the show. The best you can do is wear a little jewelry to make yourself look more appealing or maybe to complete your look. However, please do not make the mistake of wearing too much of jewelry on your leather jacket, it just looks too…off.

5)      Your shoes are important

Some women do not really think about their shoes when they are styling their whole look and this is where they make the biggest mistake. Your shoes can make or break your whole look, please get the right ones that suit your full attire the best. Getting a black pair of shoes is the safest option because you can never go wrong with the black color.