Productivity Gains from Business Process Outsourcing
Productivity Gains from Business Process Outsourcing
Forward-thinking businesses will survive when the economy rebuilds thanks to their capacity to cut waste and optimize corporate operations business process outsourcing.

Forward-thinking businesses will survive when the economy rebuilds thanks to their capacity to cut waste and optimise corporate operations. Business process outsourcing (BPO) of essential tasks in document-intensive sectors like Accounts Payable, Human Resources, or Customer Service may immediately increase productivity and cut costs, regardless of the size of the company. Businesses of all sizes are discovering that they can concentrate on their core businesses rather than their business procedures when they work with a reliable BPO partner who has experience in:


  • Services for document scanning

  • Postal Services

  • E-forms

  • Process Automation

  • Systems for Managing Documents


If there are any duties at your company that are a productivity bottleneck, consider working with a BPO partner. These bottlenecks use an excessive amount of internal resources while detracting from your company's primary business objectives. Because of this, business process outsourcing has a rapid return on investment and can improve your company's competitiveness.

Collaboration with a BPO Provider

Determine the essential document-intensive business processes that are reducing your productivity with the aid of your BPO partner. Accounts payable procedures frequently exhibit inefficient, expensive, and time-consuming behaviour typical of most firms. Opening and distributing mail, sending bills for approval, processing invoices, filing processed invoices, document retrieval, and audit preparation are among the specific tasks that top the list.

The ideal BPO business partner would recommend and carry out solutions that can:

  • Spend 91 percent less on handling invoices

  • Process times should be sped up by 46%

  • The reduction of late payments by 12%

  • Dispatch responses in 30 percent less time.

Here is an illustration of how contracting out document management experts to handle accounts payable tasks might assist businesses in achieving these objectives.


1. Offer mailroom services that involve having all bills sent to their location, where they are opened, sorted, scanned, and indexed before being routed digitally to the proper client employees utilising workflow automation. The digital photos are concurrently uploaded to a secure, web-based document management system that is located off-site for the purpose of storage and 24-hour retrieval.


2. Use workflow automation to simplify AP business operations by automatically transferring and forwarding digital invoices, data, or tasks from one participant to another for action in accordance with current business applivation services regulations. Documents may be quickly added to workflow management software by scanning, importing, or by constructing an electronic form that starts an automatic routing, approval, and tracking process.


3. Design e-forms to take the role of purchase orders, enabling workers to access, fill, and sign purchase orders online and automatically route them to the relevant internal departments and vendors. Not only does this solution reduce the need for paper forms and the storage space they need, but it also boosts efficiency in the accounts payable division and integrates well with the automated process for invoice validation. Additionally, the off-site document management system receives completed electronic forms for storage and retrieval.


4. Introduce an integrated electronic content management system with the business's accounting software, such as Oracle PeopleSoft, Intuit QuickBooks, or SAP Business Suite. This enables users and auditors to easily view invoice-related documents from within business application software.


5. Deliver document scanning and automatic indexing of existing files into an off-site, secure, web-based document management system to do away with the requirement for extra file storage and release the space needed for the office's expansion.


Selecting the Best BPO Provider Finding methods to cut waste and boost efficiency is no longer optional given the financial constraints most businesses are experiencing. It's critical to choose a partner whose services will truly lead to savings if your corporation is thinking about outsourcing some document-intensive business operations. To create a solution that is specific to the client and implemented swiftly and flawlessly, a professional provider will use extensive project management and diverse vendor alliances. 


The ideal BPO partner offers services for managing backlogs and large volume projects in addition to your company's normal operations, giving you the freedom to employ BPO services regularly or just when necessary. Additionally, they will be capable of offering services both on- and off-site. The secret is choosing a seasoned BPO partner who comprehends your organization, regardless of whether your firm is looking to business process outsourcing to increase efficiency, strengthen compliance efforts, or become green. Start looking into the BPO providers in your area using these essential requirements as your guidance. The first step to a leaner organization and a better bottom line may be to take this action.