Online Food Ordering Application Like Eat24 Development - Cost And Features
Online Food Ordering Application Like Eat24 Development - Cost And Features
When it comes to ordering food online, we rely on a specific on-demand food delivery app installed on our device. We help you avail of our effective online food delivery app like Eat24 development for iOS and Android platforms.

We rely on technology for most of the things we purchase or perform in our daily lives. Digitization has made it easy for us to simply pick our cell phones and make things easy.

Today right from ordering medicines online to ordering food is just a few clicks away.

When it comes to ordering food online, we rely on a specific on-demand food delivery app installed on our device. For the past decade, there has been a shift in how consumers are looking at ordering food without going to the restaurant. So, this is the right time when entrepreneurs can think of investing in an on-demand food delivery app development like Eat24. If you are planning for Eat24 like app development, this blog would help you know about the cost and features to an app like Eat24.

Know About Eat24 App

If you have spent some time in the food delivery business and wish to build a food delivery app, Eat24 is the perfect option to go with.

Well, the Eat24 app is a white label food delivery app that can be launched in a short span almost anywhere. Also, you can get a customizable solution that meets your app requirements. The app logo, color scheme tagline, layout everything can be changed to meet your requirements or choices. So, you can help your customers get an amazing food delivery experience without any hassles.

How Does The Eat24 App Work?

The app offers amazing features to drive more restaurant owners and customers to the app. Here is how this app works :

  • The consumer registers on the app or logins if an existing consumer.

  • Consumers search for their favorite cuisine using the search bar or search for their favorite restaurant to order a specific dish.

  • The app will display the nearest restaurants based on the location of the consumer.

  • Next, the consumer places the order

  • The consumer will choose the payment method of their choice

  • After checking out of the cart, the order will be confirmed

  • The app will assign your order to the nearest delivery personnel available

  • Order notification will be sent to the restaurant

  • The order will be prepared by the restaurant

  • Once the food is ready, it will be picked up by the delivery staff

  • Next, the order would be delivered to your doorstep within a given time

  • Consumers can rate/review the order

List of Features To Be Considered For Your Eat24 App

Well, the features and functionalities of an app decide the overall performance of the app. Let us have a look at the different features for the three different participants associated with the app like

  • Consumers

  • Restaurant owners

  • Admin

Consumers Panel

They are the main participants that contribute to earning profits. With a white label food ordering app like Eat24, you can get amazing features and functionalities that are highly customizable. Here are the vital features to be considered for the consumer panel :

  • Simple registration

  • Track order

  • Search restaurants

  • Takeaway

  • Multi payment mode

  • Help center

  • Reorder feature

  • Delivery schedule

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • Discounts & promo offer

Driver Panel

Drivers play an important role in the success of a food delivery App. With the help of the Eat24 App, you can integrate features that allow drivers to use the app easily. Some of the features included in this panel are :

  • Flawless on-boarding

  • Route mapping

  • Delivery plan

  • Accept/reject a delivery request

  • Availability button

  • Push notification

  • Earning

  • In-app communications

Restaurant Owner Panel


E24 App helps restaurant owners equally with its multifunctional features like :

  • Dashboard

  • Manage order

  • Create & manage menu

  • Promotion

  • Order notification

  • Pricing

  • Earning report

  • Inventory Management

  • Business profile management

  • Payment tracking

Admin Panel

Certainly, the admin manages everything for your Eat24 App. Hence, this panel should have features that enable smooth functioning. Some of the powerful features that help the app work seamlessly are :

  • Dashboard

  • Order management

  • Restaurant management

  • Product management

  • Delivery guy management

  • Finance management

  • Category listing

  • Analytics

Advanced Features For Your Eat24 App

Apart from the features listed above, Eat24 App should have some advanced features like :

  • Multilingual integration

  • Advanced search bar

  • Calorie chart

  • Exclusive deals

  • Membership management

  • Multi admin function

What Are The Factors That Decide The Cost of On-demand Applications?

Well, the on-demand app development cost is determined by several factors like :

1. UI/UX Design

You need to build a strong bond with the customer. So, a robust UI/UX design can help you connect with your customers. Even if the costs are a little high, it is worth investing in an impressive and user-friendly UI/UX design.

2. Scalability And Size of The App

It means whether a database is needed for your app or not. It is important to consider this aspect as it decides the cost to build an app. In case you wish to scale the app to worldwide or multiple locations then it increases the costs accordingly.

3. Advanced Features

Certainly, integrating advanced features like in-app camera, geo-location, data sync, push notification, priority delivery adds to the overall cost of your app.

4. Wallet feature


Including wallet features can also influence the app development cost.

Hire The Right Mobile App Development Company For Eat24 App

The App development process needs a lot of effort and the right expertise and experience. If you are planning to build your on-demand food delivery app like Eat24, you should seek assistance from an expert mobile app development company having enough experience in developing on-demand food delivery apps.

If you are searching for the best food delivery app development company, Apps On Demand can help you get your Eat24 app to match your app requirements. Our developers will help you integrate all crucial and advanced features into your food delivery app.

We help you launch your on-demand food ordering app to connect with the restaurant to meet the consumers' requirements. We help you avail of our effective on-demand Eat24 app development solution for iOS and Android platforms.


The food delivery services will continue to grow in the coming years to meet the needs of tech-savvy customers. So, this in turn will increase the demand for Eat24 development constantly.

These online ordering apps are flexible and help both entrepreneurs and consumers meet their food ordering/delivery needs. So, this is the ideal time to launch your food delivery app to reap the benefits for many more years to come.

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