Incomparable Certified Translation Services in Texas
Incomparable Certified Translation Services in Texas
Language errors are common when translations are not done par excellence. And this is why you need certified translation services in Texas.

Certified Translation Services in Texas to Keep Language Errors Away

Language errors are nothing unusual, and its normal for even experts to make some. Regardless of whether it's the native language or not, it is understandable if you mess up a word or two. However, making such errors is not even an option when you are translating an important business document. Language errors are an unavoidable results of inexperienced translations. And the last thing you would want is for your clients or business partners to get the wrong idea.

So, here's showing you some of the common language errors and also outlining the advantages of hiring professional translators.

1. Spoonerisms

Spoonerisms take place when two sounds in one phrase get switched. Though they are generally mistakes, you can also use them to create fun wordplay. A good example is saying “mad bomb” rather than “bad mom.”

This common language error is named after William Archibald Spooner. He was a don at Oxford University, and mixing up letters was one of his entertaining quirks. Hiring document translation services in Texas ensures that such mistakes are avoided at all costs.

2. Eggcorns

It happens when you accidentally change a common phrase into something that sounds the same or at least similar. It feels as if telling “all intensive purposes” rather than “all intents and purposes.”

Renowned linguist Geoffrey Pullum coined the term in 2003. Interestingly, the name for this language error is an example of itself. The word “eggcorn” comes from the word “acorn.” Though some language errors such as malapropisms make zero sense, eggcorns usually make some sense as the sound that it replaces does not entirely fall away.

3. Mondegreens

Mondegreens take place when you are mishearing something, and it still makes sense. You will usually find this happening with poetry and music. The actual lyrics might be,  a leading man, and the lies I weave are oh so intricate.” But some people hear it as m a little man, and I’m oh so evil, also into cats.”

Author Sylvia Wright gets the credit for the name of this language error. She heard the line of the poe that went, “laid him on the green” as “lady mondegreen.” Many trained translators believe that the error takes place as musicians use such terms and words that everyone isn't familiar with.


There is still enough disagreement on the reasons why the brain comes up with false notions. Some believe that the brain is attuned to hear what it wants to hear the most, while others think the brain fills up the blanks with anything that makes sense.

Advantages of hiring professional translation services in Texas

If you want to avoid the language errors mentioned above and many others similar to these, it is important to get in touch with Texas certified translation services such as Vanan Translation. Besides, the professionals will bring you other advantages, such as:

  • Maintaining confidentiality: 

When you are trusting a translation service with confidential business documents, you would want someone who can guarantee safety of your documents.

  • A faster turnaround time: 

The professional translation services in Texas will know that time is money. They will make sure to complete your project in the shortest possible time.

  • Language and domain experts: 

Being professionals, a good translation company will also choose translators who are not only language experts but also have an idea and experience about the work.

  • Zero error in translation:

By opting for a professional translation service provider, you will remain assured of the quality. They will proofread your work thoroughly so that there is not a single error. 

The Bottom Line

So, if you are looking for error-free and speedy translations for your crucial business documents, look no further than Vanan Translation. The experts will make sure that your work gets the attention it deserves and the quality of translations remain unmatched. Get in touch with the experts today for all the translation needs of your business.