How to Increase the Profitability of On-demand Multiservices
How to Increase the Profitability of On-demand Multiservices
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How to Increase the Profitability of On-demand Multiservices?


On-demand multi-services are getting into the new trends and making the services profitable. A wide range of trends is available that take your multi-services to the next level. Amid the global pandemic, on-demand multi-services receive global attention. 


This blog highlights how on-demand services turn out to be profitable, and trends that change the on-demand services to the next level. Finally, the blog concludes this section with a list of features to increase productivity effectively. 



On-demand Multiservices Towards Profitable


Turning towards profit is a dream for service professionals and customers. Gojek Clone is a one-stop solution that takes the on-demand multi-services to the next level. The stats that take on-demand services bring into front are as follows:


  • 1 bn active users in the multiservice platform 

  • The most popular superior platform valued currently valued at 10 bn USD

  • On the whole, 2.8 million drivers offering multiple services via a single platform

  • 175 million transactions carrying on every day via the single app

  • Gojek is currently ranked at the number 11 position in “Fortune’s Change World” Index

Looking at the above stats, you all know that on-demand multiservice has exponential growth. Owing to this growth, trends are evolving in the online market more. Aware of the top trends and getting ready to meet those trends that take your on-demand multiservice to be profitable. This sets the foot into the online market. 


Trends to Take Multiservices into Next Level 


With cutting-edge technology and growing trends, the licensed Whitelabel Gojek clone platform is a promising one that allows you to meet the trends that are evolving in the market. Let's take a look at the top trends here. 


Minimal Investment- 


One of the topmost trends in the online service market is minimal investment. This makes the service professionals look for cost-cutting solutions. Going for a ready-to-go platform is the viable option and this ensures 24/7 support either before or after the launch of online services. 




Mostly, the service professionals and the customers prefer an easy platform to offer and get the services on time. This makes the users’ experience better.  Easy-to-use platforms are a commercially familiar trend. Also, service provider availability status intimation is necessary.


Ability to Reach Globally


A well-crafted Gojek clone allows the customers to book the services and generate a lot of revenue. This makes all the service professionals to each globally. 


Features to Increase Productivity of On-demand Multiservices


Focusing on the increase in productivity of the on-demand multiservice, service professionals take their online services to the next level.  Several service professionals include feature-rich Gojek clone apps to make their services trendy. Wish to know the features? Take a look here. 


Real-Time Navigation


Tracking the services they have booked is a major requirement. To meet this requirement, transparency is a major need. This transparency feature enables the new players to come into the flow and increase productivity. 


Know Service Ratings 


Rate or review the service enables both service professionals and customers to interact very well. Since this is a one-stop solution, you can embed many service professionals into this. To bring out the best service professionals in front. Reviews or ratings are helpful things. Including these features in your app allows you to pick the best player. 


Less Storage Space


Instead of installing the application for each service, going for a single app to book multiple services considerably reduces your space. This supports storage space minimization and maximizes productivity. 


Budget Minimization


On-demand multi-service platforms are the supporting ones for entrepreneurs. They are the opt tools that increase the chances to participate in a confined budget. Since one app for one service is not fitting to the budget limitations, going for multiple bookings at one is the familiar one. 


Customer Base Enhancement


One service and one app focus on specific services. This is purely based on the targeted audience. But, a multi-service app like Gojek enables new service professionals to offer services. This increases the customer base directly. 


Multiple Gig Jobs


Single service apps open up the chance for gig professionals to get and complete the jobs instantly. Since so many services are on your track, you can prefer any platform that increases your employment chances. 


Concluding Notes


Come to an end. This is your turn to launch your own on-demand services in simple ways. The on-demand service industry is occupied with emerging trends as listed in this blog. Also, you have enough awareness about The features that make you fit the trends. Wish to be top in the service industry? Let's begin with the right Gojek clone app platform. 


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