Benefits of company formation in Abu Dhabi
Benefits of company formation in Abu Dhabi
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Benefits of company formation in Abu Dhabi

 One of the Middle East’s most advanced cities is Abu Dhabi. This city is the second-largest in terms of geographic area, right behind Dubai. More businesses are establishing their operations in the city as a result of the abundance of free trade zones and investment opportunities. Investors want to register their companies in Abu Dhabi as a result. In Abu Dhabi, conducting business is very easy. However, conducting business in this city necessitates adherence to local laws. Read on to know more about company formation in Abu Dhabi.

An Abu Dhabi-based company cannot have a foreign ownership percentage of 100%. It is necessary for an Abu Dhabi national to be named as the company’s 51% owner. The person can also be a local UAE citizen who resides in the UAE. There are several types of free trade zones in the nation that enable investors to consider various forms of opportunities.

Companies in all industries may be fully owned by a foreign entity. However, it is necessary to appoint an Abu Dhabi national for conducting business activities when it comes to a particular amount of shareholding and control.

Benefits of company formation in Abu Dhabi

There are many benefits of starting a business in Abu Dhabi. Here are the top 5 advantages of company formation in Abu Dhabi.

1. No corporate or personal tax

Many foreign businesses form new or branch entities in Abu Dhabi, taking advantage of the city’s tax-free status. With only a few exceptions, Abu Dhabi is characterized by an almost entirely free of taxation.

No corporate income tax is imposed at the federal or emirate level except for international bank branches at the emirate level and courier companies. Petroleum concession holders are subject to Emirates-level taxes at the rates specified in the applicable concession agreements. Personal income taxes are nonexistent.

2. Easy recruitment process with unlimited employment visa

In Abu Dhabi, it is against the law to work on a visa that is not an approved employment visa. You might, however, travel to Abu Dhabi on a visitor or tourist visa and look for work there. Successful job applicants who are employed by companies are compelled to leave the UAE while waiting for the release of their work visas under recent rules governing employment visas.

3. Low import duty

Customs taxes are levied on products coming into or going out of any country’s air, land, or seaports. A 5% value-added tax in addition to the Cost Freight Insurance (CIF) is imposed on goods and commodities imported into Abu Dhabi from nations outside the GCC. A duty of 50% and 100% is placed on alcohol and cigarette products, respectively. The UAE’s free-trade zones, including those in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain, are exempt from taxes.

4. The formation of a mainland company does not require any minimum capital.

The UAE Companies Law does not specify a minimum share capital, but the business should have enough money to carry out the objectives for which it was formed, and the capital should be made up of equally valued shares. The share capital does not currently need to be deposited in a UAE-registered bank. However, this excludes several jurisdictions.

5. No yearly audits

No matter which developed country you are in, audits of companies are typically expected. But it all depends on the jurisdiction. Enterprises in the Abu Dhabi Free Zone authorities may be audited if they comply with the authorities’ laws and regulations or legal framework, however, businesses on the Abu Dhabi mainland are not required to undergo an annual audit.

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