All you need to know about copper bonded earthing rod.
All you need to know about copper bonded earthing rod.
Earthing is the practice of earthing or grounding a chemical system to guarantee that no life safety over overvoltage currents. One of the most important earthing items is the Chemical Earthing Copper Bonded Rod.

Earthing is among the most important aspects to address initially to secure home safety. It is essential in protecting the user from electric shock. It protects the circuit from harm and eliminates the possibility of a wire explosion following an insulation failure.


The practice of connecting the metallic portions of an electric system to the soil is referred to as chemical earthing.  Connecting a metallic section of electrical equipment to the ground plate through a robust and low resistance conductor wire is also known as Earthing or Grounding. The rod through which the over-voltages is transferred to Earth is called a chemical earthing rod.

Because of its high electrical conductivity, copper wire appears to be the greatest choice for grounding electrodes and conductors. Copper metal is corrosion-resistant, and copper electrodes survive longer in most soils than alternatives such as galvanized steel.

A copper rod between 12.5 mm to 16 mm in thickness of galvanized steel is physically inserted vertically into the earth using a hammer in copper earthing. The length of copper electrodes placed within the ground reduces the earth's resistance to a certain value. For a stronger earthing system, don't forget to test the consistency of the used conductor using a continuity test.

Various kinds of copper bonded earthing are:

1.  Pure Copper Electrode: Pure Copper Electrode is constructed of 99.9% pure electrolytic copper. It is very corrosion resistant. When better corrosion resistance and conductivity are required, it is utilized. It uses a pressurized Crystalline Conductive Compound to achieve maximum conductivity and resistance to leakage current. Our esteemed customers may select from a broad array of Pure Copper Electrode, which is extensively utilized in several goods. Our items are created from the best raw materials available. We are also well-known for our Copper Bonded Electrode.

2.    Copper-Plate Earthing: It installed vertically a plate constructed of galvanized copper or iron at a minimum depth of 3 meters below ground level. The plate at this location links all the circuits to the ground.

3.   Copper Pipe Earthing: A galvanized copper pipe is placed vertically, connecting all electrical wires to the ground, the depth of which is determined by soil conditions. When compared to other earthing procedures, pipe earthing is the most cost-effective.

4.     Copper Bonded Electrode: It features a copper electrolytic covering placed over a nickel layer. This procedure aids in the formation of a long-lasting molecular link between both the copper layer and the steel core. Copper bonded electrodes are preferred over copper wrapped electrodes till the copper covering will not slip or rip when driven, nor will it split if the rod gets twisted.

Few benefits of copper bonded electrode:

·   It allows for the elimination of many interruptions with wireless channels and the provision of continuous current flow.

·        It reduces the possibility of an electrical system fire.

·     With the aid of Lightning Arresters, it avoids lightning damage to the complete electric system.

·     It completely protects electrical gadgets, machinery, and devices from accidental current leakage.

·        It safeguards inhabitants against electrical risks like electrocution and short circuits.

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