Azure-Disaster-Recovery- Kobb Technologies India
Azure-Disaster-Recovery- Kobb Technologies India
Be ready with a cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to ensure application availability and fast recovery. Protect your all your major IT systems.

Azure-Disaster-Recovery- Kobb Technologies India

Have Your Dedicated Technical Team In India To Act As Your Extended Office

Kobb Technologies implemented Microsoft Azure primarily based data protection and recovery solutions to protect enterprise workloads in on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. Using Microsoft Azure and main accomplice solutions, we assist companies build efficient, durable and scalable backup and recovery environments, at the same time as addressing security and regulatory compliance requirements.


Microsoft azure site recovery (ASR) is a powerful enterprise continuity & disaster recovery solution that permits clients to hastily achieve giant ROI for a decrease TCO. It’s miles a set of skills which could work throughout the complete information center, protecting all workloads.


As IT technology and data continue to fuel businesses more and more, it is becoming ever greater crucial to ensure robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to effectively respond to planned or unplanned events, may be they impact only a few applications or the entire data center. This is also equally important to preserve customer’s confidence and same time it is also necesaary to avoid legal penalties.

Easy to set up Azure Site Recovery by replicating an Azure VM to a different Azure region directly from the Azure portal. This becomes very easy to deploy and manage to any new environment irrespective of any load.

The reason of cloud based Site Recovery is popular, because it reduce the cost of migration, deploy, monitoring. Organization may save huge money once they plan it properly. Organization pays only for the compute resources that need to support their applications in Azure. And that is where Kobb helps organization to plan and deploy.

You can monitor the health of instances continuously and remotely from Azure. While replicating your virtual machines' data between two sites, during that time replication remains on your networks. While replicating to Azure as the secondary site, data is encrypted.

Cloud Site Recovery ensures and helps organization to keep doing their business even during major unexpected IT failure, it minimize the downtime of recovery and business never get affect due to that.

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