How to Digitize Laundry Services With Best Uber for Laundry
How to Digitize Laundry Services With Best Uber for Laundry
On-Demand Laundry App services for easy appointment booking for pick up, washing and delivering the clothes as doorstep service.

We are 21st-century people, who are looking to get every service on a single call without any complications. In the current status, the whole world is booming with on-demand apps and which brings changes in the lifestyle of the people in handling their routine basic needs. 


One such exceptional addition to this category is an On-Demand Laundry App. An entire chain of dry cleaning and washing services is offered by these services and can also access to choose the type of cleaning system.  This can be made through easy appointment booking for pick up and delivering the clothes as doorstep service. 

Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest In App Development Of Uber For Laundry?

To perform gruelling laundry service tasks like the on-demand apps working functionality for the other on-demand services, the uber for laundry app will work on it. 


Based on the survey, most of the millennials of today’s population are not willing to spend their treasured time in everyday household work like washing and drying clothes. Because they have specific essential things to attend to. 


They find it hard to do this task in repetitive mode while spending an additional amount of time. Hence as a solution, the business app Uber For Laundry Service was introduced into the industry and brings more success for the laundry businesses.

The Market Economy Size Of Laundry Cleaning Service In US and Globally

Worldwide Market:

  • The size of the global economy for laundry cleaning service in 2018 has an approximate value of USD $118.9 billion with 8.7%  of compound annual growth since 2014.

  • The value is projected to rise by the year 2022, nearly USD $180 billion at the compound annual growth rate of 10.9 %.

United States Market:

  • Based on the market capitalization the United States market share of the laundry cleaning service will reach the value of USD $13.8 billion in the year 2025.

  • The global online platform of on-demand laundry app service will reach a value of USD $96 billion.

What Does an Entrepreneur Get In The Development Of Uber For Laundry?

  • User / Client Application.

  • Laundry Service Provider/ Agent Application.

  • Web Admin / Business Owner Panel. 

Modules to Make Laundry Services in a Digital Way

User / Client Application:

  • On this application, the users will install and register into the app by using their Facebook Id, google Id, Apple Id, and Mobile number with mentioning their name, address, gender, etc.  

  • After login successfully the users can check and choose the needed services which are required like washing clothes, ironing, etc. they will schedule the pickup of the dirty clothes to be washed by mentioning the date and time.

  • They can track the service provider arrival and departure using the app

  • The booking acceptance and work status of the laundry service will be notified in the app. 

  • The payment can be easily made by using the in-app payment options with comfort. 

Laundry Service Provider / Agent Application:

  • The laundry service provider will install and login into the app by using their mobile number with uploading the document for verification.

  • Once the document is verified by the admin, then they will receive the service request from the users.

  • Once the service booking is confirmed by the laundry service provider then they will reach the user’s location at the scheduled time to pick up the clothes to do the mentioned service on the booking.   

  • Once they deliver the clothes to the user’s doorstep after the completion of the service, the payment can be received from the users.

Web Admin / Business Owners Panel:

  • On using this panel the admin can track all the ongoing and completed jobs, the accounts of the user and the service provider can be easily controlled and managed through this panel. 

  • The total payment transaction made and the earning can be analysed using the dedicated dashboard.

  • The promotional activities of giving offers, referral codes, discounts etc. can be assigned through this panel. 


Here you get a clear route to digitize your laundry service business by crafting a striking and futuristic app Uber For Laundry to step into the online on-demand service industry. Without any second thoughts, feel free to contact us right now. We Trioangle Technologies experts are ready to help you with it. 


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