Tricks for Choosing Anti-Fail College majors!
Tricks for Choosing Anti-Fail College majors!
From the 10 pass outs that were followed, we calculated the average and acclimated it to the UTBK scores in the former time for the chosen major.
Illustration confused about choosing a major
 Talking about choosing a council major has always been a agony for 12th grade high academy scholars.
 How can it not be a agony? choosing the wrong major isn't just allowing about being accepted or not.
 Still, it'll be confusing latterly in the early times of council Les Privat SBMPTN, Ifaccepted.However, it's dangerous, If you do not accept it. You have to do it again coming time
 But do not worry guys. This is normal, you aren't alone. The maturity of scholars who are guided at AyoPTN also witness the same thing.
 So, how do you choose the right council major for you? Let's check

Come on PTN

 Produce a Major Selection Diagram
 For this first stage, you need to collude out which major you're interested in.
 Einshower Matrix Diagram Illustration
 For illustration, you have 3 to 5 major choices. You have to see which bone is your precedence.
 Then is how to collude it
 Option 1 majors that you like and are important
 Option 2 majors that you like and are less important
 Option 3 majors that you do not like but are important
 Option 4 majors that you do not like and are less important
 Choosing a College Major
 Illustration of choosing a council major using the einshower matrix illustration by AyoPTN
 As you can see over. Choose the order of choosing council majors according to the illustration over. for choice 4 is the choice you have to discard or make the worst option.
 This way you can exclude all the effects you do not need to suppose about.
 Illustration Checking majors on the university runner.
 Okay, this time you've finished deciding what majors are your target.
 The coming stage is that you have to validate whether the major you choose is in line with your prospects or not.
 It means this. Let's say that Andi wants to major in Economics at UI during the UTBK latterly. The stopgap is because in economics Les Privat SIMAK UI KKI, at least you will not get delicate computations, at least just enter the formula.
 But when he was accepted into the economics department, it turned out that there were some delicate computations.
 Indeed the computations are delicate for a Soshum child. Must use limits, integrals,etc.
 Now, Andi means that he's trapped in his own choice.
 Do not let commodity like this be to you too. You have to know what major you'll study in the future, what the affair material will be, and so on.
 You can check it through googling or open the department's website at the university.
 Reflecting on Andi's case over, those of you who want to major in economics at UI must first check the courses then
 After you check, you read the course descriptions on the website. For illustration, in the Department of Economics, there's a course"Mathematics of Economics 1".
 The description reads"This course aims to give generalities and ways in mathematics that are frequently used for profitable, business and or fiscal analysis"
"The material bandied is function derivations conforming of numerous independent variables, nonlinear programming, integral, discriminational, and difference equations as well as preface to dynamic optimization"
 After seeing the description, I am sure. Is this really what you anticipated?
 Still, you can choose a major, Ifso.However, skip, If not.
 Illustration allowing about majoring in council
 The realistic meaning then's that you have to choose a council major according to your capacities.
 Are you sure you can actually enter the major you choose?
 Some AyoPTN scholars were also like this ahead. Scholars after choosing a major and knowing what subjects they're studying, they forget about their own capacities.
 We do not mean to underrate you then.
 But it's good if you try to dive into yourself. With the trouble and values you have now, are you really respectable?
 AyoPTN always evaluates scholars who take private assignments from the results of their pass outs.
 From the 10 pass outs that were followed, we calculated the average and acclimated it to the UTBK scores in the former time for the chosen major.
 For illustration, if the scores match Les Privat SIMAK UI, we can be approved by scholars to choose that major.
 You can also follow this trick. Count and see if you can pass the score you have.
Don't let you choose a major with a high score, but your score is far below it. That is the same as self-murder.