Jahmai Purcell (born 01 September 1990) UK born and raised, North West of Manchester (Old Trafford and Moss Side) areas.

Jahmai Purcell (born 01 September 1990) UKborn and raised, North West of Manchester (Old Trafford and Moss Side) areas.Founder and owner of SirFrost_UpdatesMusic Career: Former bricklayer has becomeone of Manchester's growing Rapper's/Grime MCs to make a stance in the musicindustry, the 29 year old independent artist has stemmed along way from hisOneWayTV debut freestyle on October 8th.Building a reputation of an extremelycold lyricist from then till now such as the No Mics Needed Grime Cypher onMarch 7th 2012.Continuing to upmarket and expand through out his musicaljourney collaborating with producers such as TowerBeatz, gaining over 220thousand views on the visuals produced for the song titled Feel That Vibe,firstly released on August 7th 2017 on the Sir Frost YouTubechannel.SirFrostVEVO has been another major highlight success for this Artist,as first time releasing on to his channel with a eye catching and a need formore of his cold freestyle/rapping whilst driving, the video had gained 2.2million views on his Instagram profile posted on July 7th 2018 and over 170thousand on his youtube channel. Releasing his 10 track debut EP in June 2019-Operations and Logistics-the promotion video on his Instagram page hit astaggering 8.4 million views posted on October 11th 2018, which can now bestreamed and purchased on all digital streaming platforms, featured producerssuch as TowerBeatz and many more, with So Far a featured track from the EPbeing streamed over 10 thousand views on his youtube channel since the releaseand still gaining also to mention now trending on spotify with over 30 thousandstreams plus, this has sure been another successful project delivered by SirFrost. Racking up over half of a million views in total on his soundcloudthrough 2018 till today, the future really is looking bright for this aspiringindividual. Support act for London rapper Klashnek off at the Rebellion nightclub Manchester on October 20th 2017 which was a very successful event.

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