Beer on a Beach Music Album by Stephen M. Zelik Will Rock the Floor
Steve Zelik has recently launched his popular music album 'Beer on a Beach,' which has already earned healthy recognition in the music industry.

'Beeron a Beach' is a unique music album specially presented to you by Stephen M.Zelik. It is an album that includes some songs which have been written in theshortest time of just 20 minutes. Most of the lyrics were crafted by Stephenduring a family vacation.


Theentire album encompasses Seven (7) songs grabbed multiple awards in differentcontests. Detailed acknowledgments earned by this 'Beer on a Beach' music albuminclude:


Beeron a Beach: Awarded "Best Overall" among others in Radio AirplaySummer Song Contest out of almost 5,000 entries. Received Jango PopScore of96/100 in October 2019

TheAngels Cried: popScore of 83/100 in Feb. 2019

Colorado:PopScore of 91/100 in Sept. 2019

Cheers,Jeers, and Tears: PopScore of 91/100 in Sept. 2019

SocialMedia: PopScore of 86/100 in Aug. 2019

MySandals Fit in My Cowboy Boots: PopScore of 85/100 in Sept. 2019

Thealbum has already earned significant recognition in the music industry. StephenM. Zelik has been in this industry for years. Putting light on his educationand not just his music career, he completed a Bachelor of Science inBiology/Pre-Med (Wright State University), followed by a Master of Science inAdministration from Central Michigan University. Stephen isn’t just a talentedartist he is also a highly educated member of society.


Someof his vast playing experience include:


HoneyFestival in Kettering, OH (2018)

TheCommodore Grille in Nashville, TN (2018)

TheFranklin Tavern in Franklin, OH (2019)

DevilwindBrewery in Xenia, OH (2019)

TheBarrel in Springboro, OH (2019)


Furthermore,he has also participated in open mics for Franklin Tavern, Billie's Burgers andBeer, McSobers, River's Edge, Froggy's, WO Wright's, The Barrel, Applebee's andmany more. Getting a break in this industry is similar to getting a lottery,which everyone doesn't get so easily.


Rightnow, Stephen is focusing on writing new music and plans to keep delivering 100%each time he hits the stage or studio.


Hislisteners have already delivered positive responses for his efforts in 'Beer ona Beach' that motivates him to work with keenness and zeal and present somemore Country Rock music for his fans. Download a copy of Beer on a Beach fromiTunes orstream on Spotify, AppleMusic, or Tidal.